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Many clients come to us looking for solutions to their home's biggest challenges—awkward layouts, "nothing" rooms, and disorganized spaces. And it's easy to see why: It's simply not comfortable living in a home that doesn't function properly for YOUR life.

Maybe you have a formal dining room you never use, toys taking over your living room, or tupperware falling out of cabinets because you lack adequate storage in your kitchen.

As an interior designer, it's my job to resolve these kinds of problems with something we like to call "space planning." It allows me to improve the flow, feeling, and functionality of your home, whether for a couple of rooms or your whole home!

If you'd like to learn more about the importance of space planning in interior design, what the space planning process looks like, and how we interior designers use it to maximize the potential of your home, keep reading!

First, what the heck is interior design space planning, anyway?

In a nutshell, space planning in interior design is the process of assessing the purpose, flow, and floor plan of a home to match the needs of those living in it.

Generally, the space planning process is more about designing the layout of your home and placement of everything in it rather than designing how your home "looks."

During the space planning stage, I learn how you want to move through your home and how you need every space to function so that your home harmonizes nicely with your life.

Why is space planning so important in interior design?

Interior design would just be a collection of "pretty things" without space planning. Space planning is one of the most important (if not THE most important) stages of the interior design process. Check out the reasons why space planning is so vital below.

Improves interior "flow"

Are you constantly bumping into your family as you walk through your living room or kitchen? Do you have to walk around poorly-placed furnishings to get to your bed?

Is there too much or not enough decór in certain areas? Space planning is the key to improving flow by assessing the placement of every item in your home to make walkways feel more spacious, logical, and natural, and also to optimize storage and functionality.

Maximizes your space

If you're using the available space in your home inefficiently, rooms can feel more cramped than they need to be. Or, you may find you have "dead" areas you don't use at all!

By employing various space planning techniques, I can ensure you have the correct size furniture, decór, storage, etc., for every room in your home—so not an inch of square footage goes to waste!

Increases functionality

Space planning ensures that every room in your home is usable, functional, and provides a great user experience, whether it's a dedicated area to put your shoes in the hallway, a craft room for your kids, or a "man cave" for your husband.

I can help you shape your home's functionality around your daily routine to enhance your life in every way. Imagine how you'd feel at home if every tiny placement, product, and material choice was made to make your life easier? That's what I'm here to do!

Creates the right mood

If you don't plan your space properly, it can seriously affect how you feel in your home. Every day you might get irritated by the same issues impacting your daily routine and hobbies.

By assessing your needs thoroughly, I can help you evoke the exact feeling you're looking for in a space, whether a cozy, comfortable living room or a modern, spa-like bathroom that oozes relaxation.

Promotes interior balance

I've found that people often choose the wrong size/color/placement of furnishings and decór, making rooms feel off-balance. Ever walk into a room and feel that something is off  with the design, but you can't put your finger on it? That's typically because there is a lack of balance.

Everything from lighting and wall art placement to furniture selection and material choices falls under the realm of interior design space planning. And by helping you make the best selections for your home; I promote a sense of harmony that makes every space just feel right.

3 things I consider when space planning for your interior design

Now that I've discussed why space planning in interior design is so important, I want to give you a little insight into how I work and what elements I consider when it comes to space planning your home.

1. How you intend to use each room

During our first 2-hour consultation, where I visit your home and walk through the space, I'll ask you questions to learn about you and your family's daily routine, habits, lifestyle, hobbies, and unique quirks.

These questions will help me to get an excellent understanding of how you and your family use each room now and what you want to use it for in the future so I can plan the space to best accommodate your needs.

2. The foot traffic of each space

During our meeting, I'll assess the traffic flow of each area in your home, as this will inform where I place certain items or the materials I recommend to you.

For example, if your hallway gets a lot of traffic, I'll be careful not to obstruct the flow of movement with a big cabinet. Or maybe I'll recommend wood floors in your bedroom instead of light carpet because your dog sleeps there!

3. The connection between rooms

The connection between your home’s rooms will dictate the space planning process. This is often the case with great rooms, where the kitchen, dining and living areas are all one big room. Properly placing furnishings in a home’s great room is essential for improving how a family moves through it and uses each space.

When I plan your space, I'll make sure that each room logically connects to each other, like putting your home office in the quietest part of the house or a kid's playroom close to your living room for easy access.

Ready to improve the flow, feeling, and functionality of your space?

Space planning is crucial for designing the best home possible. If you're not able to make the most of your home because it doesn't look, feel, or function how you want it to, it might be time to call in a professional interior designer to help.

At Horizon Interior Design, we can make you excited to come home again, knowing your space is perfectly crafted to suit your life and make it better.


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