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RECLAIMING AN OUTDATED LIVING SPACE: Living Room Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Entire Home

Horizon Interior Design - new living space

Are tired, uninspiring spaces getting in the way of you using and enjoying your home to the fullest?

This was certainly the case for one of our recent clients. As people who love to host, they were not comfortable inviting guests into their home due to drab interiors that made their space uninviting and uncomfortable.

Sometimes when a room feels difficult to be in, style, or navigate, you may feel like you need to completely overhaul the space with a full remodel to use it to its maximum potential. 

However, as with this project, you’d be surprised at the incredible impact a home interiors refresh can have on living rooms, dining rooms, and other spaces in your home.

Let’s explore how we helped this couple strategically overcome the challenges they were facing with their living room using thoughtful choices of furnishings, color schemes, and accessories to elevate their particular space.

What we considered when developing this living room inspiration

Many elements are involved in creating comfortable, cohesive spaces that make sense for the people living there.

While you might be keen on a particular interior design style, in reality, it may not work with the type of home you have, or perhaps the interiors are not practical for your lifestyle.

It is our goal at Horizon Interior Design to make spaces look beautiful and also functional, so that our clients can be proud to entertain within their home. 

Let’s look at the main living room design points we needed to consider to help this couple fall back in love with their Oakland home.

Understanding how they want to use their space

Although this couple was living in quite a spacious home, they were, unfortunately, unable to use this to their advantage as outdated interiors made their space feel unwelcoming and unusable.

Dated living space


As social people, they ideally wanted to be able to use their living room to entertain friends and family.

Dated living space


This information was key in designing how their space should look, feel, and flow to create home designs that are comfortable for everyday living yet capable of accommodating additional guests easily. We presented various layout options to the couple to find the perfect balance for their home.

Determining their personal design style

The existing interiors in their living room were incredibly dated and worn out, so it was essential to help them find a style that they loved, made them feel calm, and was designed to stand the test of time. 

As is custom at Horizon Interior Design, we provided our clients with many visual aids, fresh ideas, and room inspiration for their space.

We ensured they felt supported in making the right design choices for their home and gave them exclusive access to our market trade furniture pieces, stunning soft furnishings, and curated decor items.

Factoring in their lifestyle

This couple wanted a space to relax and unwind when returning home after a long day. They are also empty nesters with family pets, so these elements needed to be included in their living room design choices. All furniture and materials used, including hardwood floors, were pet friendly too! We also ensured that the flow from one room to the next was effortless with minor updates in both the dining room and foyer.

Horizon Interior Design - new living space

reclaiming an outdated space - How we tackled the living room and dining room design upgrade

Now, let’s look at how we achieved these astonishing results: a beautiful, high-end living room and updated foyer and dining room without needing to remodel their home.

Color scheme transformation

We replaced the dull color scheme with calming neutrals and fresh paint, making the space feel brighter and more welcoming. To create a cohesive feeling between the rooms the new paint palette was incorporated into the foyer and the dining room giving them a fresh, new feel.

Modernized and elevated living room and dining room décor

The décor in their home was extremely outdated and worn. Our interior design team completely transformed their space, incorporating carefully selected furnishings, accessories, rugs, and lighting to match their new aesthetic for a living room designed to perfection.

Incorporated their favorite pieces 

This couple had sentimental pieces in their home that we thoughtfully wove into their new home designs. Their beloved piano is now a central focal point in their living room and is, in fact, enhanced by the new interiors and the space as a whole.

Custom furniture and a stunning dining table

Furniture is a critical component of any well designed room. We replaced their unsightly and uncomfortable furniture with brand-new custom furniture that fit in perfectly with the flow and feel they wanted for their home.

Handled everything, from selection to installation

Once all furnishings and accessories were selected, we ordered and received all products and materials until they were ready for installation. Our clients were thrilled with their stunning results and felt comfortable and supported throughout the process.

Horizon interior design Living Room

The profound impact of a home interiors refresh

Our goal with this project was to create a space that our clients loved and were proud of, that they felt excited to entertain in, and could also enjoy privately in their everyday life.

While this home needed a lot of work and professional attention to get to where it is now, they didn’t need to completely overhaul their home and move walls to create the change they wanted to see in their space.

Updating your home with new furnishings, décor, and a fresh color scheme can make it feel brand new while keeping it more in line with your personal taste and lifestyle needs.

Need some living room inspiration for your home?

If you liked how we reclaimed this outdated living space and are looking for more inspiration, you can shop the look here to purchase the living room furnishings and décor we used in this project.

Or, if you’d like us to design something unique for your living room, dining room, or entire home, we’d be thrilled to work with you! 

Our interior design team services Oakland and Macomb counties, including Rochester Hills, Oakland, Lake Orion, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Troy, Shelby, Macomb, Washington, and Clarkston.

Not from any of these areas? Get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do!


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