Why Choose to Wallpaper a Room?

Why Choose to Wallpaper a Room?

November 1, 2020
Why Choose to Wallpaper a Room?

Wallpaper was very desirable until the mid-1990’s, when homeowners became more creative with paint. Remember rag-rolling and sponging?? But wallpaper is now back with a vengeance and the design world couldn’t be more excited!

Bringing a room to a new life can include repairing damaged drywall, applying fresh paint, hanging new art and trimming with moldings to frame it out. But wallpaper can provide that much desired WOW factor, adding texture and pops of color that a coat of paint can’t do.

Wallpaper needs to be applied to a clean, dry surface after any repairs have been made and all grime has been removed. Existing paper can be scored or stripped off using a wallpaper steamer. Existing damage or blemishes can show through new paper, so a smooth and clean surface will yield the best results.

Wallpaper comes in all kinds of colors, patterns, prints and textures, and is well worth investing in a professional to apply to ensure the patterns are lined up properly and any air bubbles or creases are smoothed out.

Blue Marble Wall Mural 13.1 ft x 8.2 ft – Mural Wallpaper – https://muralwallpaper.com/product/blue-marble-wall-mural-13-1-ft-x-8-2-ft/.

One of my favorite ways to create a feature wall in a room with with a Mural wallpaper. This is usually a large-scale pattern of scenery or designs. Since it is such a bold look, you may want to consider one that can be easily removed to change it up in the future.

Grass-cloth paper can come in a natural or faux paper, and adds beautiful texture to your walls. It has a paper backing with a layer of vine or grass on top, and comes in a variety of natural and dyed colors. The faux papers can even come with a pattern printed into it. They are great for all rooms except those that get dirty often, since the paper isn’t washable.

Flock paper is a fun way to also add texture and pops of color to a room. It is velvet or suede printed on a paper backing. Wallpaper may also be made of wood, cork, Mylar, foil, fabric and also embossed paper. The paper you select can hide imperfections in your walls, create drama and pizzazz, and showcase a feature wall or ceiling. If installed properly, wallpapers can last for many years to come!

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