Tips For Decorating A Foyer

Tips For Decorating A Foyer

October 1, 2020
Tips For Decorating A Foyer

While the curb appeal of a home is a chance to give that first impression to your guests, the entry is your place to welcome them into your home, where your heart is.

You want this area to reflect you and your family and how you function in the home. Are you formal or casual? Is your style farmhouse, or industrial, or glam? Do you want guests to linger in the entry or have it a quick pass-through into the rest of your home? And how cluttered or neat do you want to keep the area?

Coats: Have a closet that has some adequate room for guests’ coats. No one wants their coat wedged in between the homeowner’s coats, or shoved against a dusty broom!

If you don’t have a coat closet, consider a coat tree or attractive hooks for coats as well as purses.

Shoes: A large decorative entry rug can make quite the first impression, as well as serve as a place to wipe dirty shoes. If the weather is wet or snowy, consider a shoe tray near the door to catch the drips.

People often prefer to sit to put shoes on or take off.  Placing a bench, settee or chair in the foyer would offer a preferable spot to sitting on the floor or steps.

Tables: A small console or demilune table along a wall, or a round table in the center of a large foyer, can serve as a place to put keys or purses while guests are arriving or leaving. It can also serve as a place to showcase family photos and tchotchkes. A vase of fresh flowers or lit candles can emit quite the welcoming aroma to a home!

Wall Art: Art should reflect the taste of the family home, and can highlight architectural features such as a winding staircase. The art can follow the curve of the stairs, and a gallery wall is a great way to display family photos, places you’ve visited or works from favorite artists.

A tastefully decorated foyer can welcome friends and family without saying a word!

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