How To Stylishly Conceal Your Wall Mount TV

How To Stylishly Conceal Your Wall Mount TV

September 1, 2021
How To Stylishly Conceal Your Wall Mount TV

Stylish Ways to Hide/Conceal Your Wall Mount TV

Even if you love your massive, flat-screen TV, one thing you probably don’t love about it is how it screams to the world just how much you love TV. Wouldn’t it be nice to hide it—and then reveal the screen only when show time arrives?

Hiding TVs has a long history. The first ideas were armoires and entertainment centers—and as TVs became larger, people had to find more creative ways to disguise them. Televisions have long been the Achilles heel of interior decorators. Most homes have at least one. They tend to be installed and watched in the main room in the house. And, if the truth be told, they aren’t that pretty to look at. Fortunately, the flat panel televisions that are available today are much less obtrusive (and easier to conceal) than the older, tube televisions. Because of this, it is becoming more acceptable to have the TV in plain sight.

There is no question that flat screen TVs have become a ubiquitous fixture in most family or living rooms today. And sometimes we just don’t want them to take up so much real estate for whatever reason…and we don’t want them to “stick out like sore thumbs”. So, for years, Interior Designers have been finding ways to incorporate these fixtures (which seem to be getting larger each year) as stylishly as possible into their clients’ room designs.

The following are all creative ways that both professionals and creative DIYers have found to hide the not-so-little black box.

Hang the TV on a Dark-Colored Wall

One idea is to paint the wall that the TV hangs on either black or a dark charcoal gray (similarly hued wallpaper works just as well). A dark-toned paint job will cause a flat-screen to visually recede. This approach also works really well if you have a pop-out wall or recessed space for your TV.

Now obviously you will then want to incorporate that color into your room design, which for some may be less than ideal. But for someone who loves dark colors and contrast, this is a great first solution. Of course, your Interior Designer can help with this.

Along the same lines, if you currently use an armoire or cabinet to house the TV, simply painting the interior of that cabinet black or charcoal gray (think dark colored wallpaper) will also help to camouflage your TV. Using this technique will add some excellent style to your cabinet, as well.

Add the TV to an Art Wall

Another option that keeps the TV out in the open but blends it with the décor is to create an art wall around it. By using prints and frames with a lot of black, the TV’s black box blends right in with the rest of the wall.

Hide the TV Behind a Painting or Framed Pictures

If the TV is hung on a fairly large wall (at least twice the width of the screen), sliding artwork could be a good way to hide it. It’s built like a mini version of a barn door that is just big enough to cover your television. Creating the art as two pictures that can hang on their own (like the leaves in this picture), means that it looks really good when the artwork is open, too…like it is meant to be there!

And of course you can change the type and color of the art to match your décor.

Have an Old Map or Tapestry Handy?

If you can find an old vintage roll up map or tapestry that fits your décor – that would be one of the quickest and easiest ideas to conceal the TV. Just mount it above your TV, and you’re done!

Conceal It in a Wall Hung TV Cabinet

Flat screen TV cabinets are boxes intended to be installed over the television. They have doors that fold back when you want to watch TV, and can be closed when you don’t. Clever and very easy to do!

If Money is No Object…

If you really want to get fancy about hiding your TV, there are several options that would fit the bill.

Idea #1: Buy a TV lift cabinet

At the push of a button, the television slides up when you’re using it and slides down into the box when you’re not. It is a little more expensive than some of the other options, but it definitely keeps the television set out of view.

Idea #2: Buy a TV that’s Actually “Art”

Another idea is to actually buy a TV that looks like art when it is turned off! This type of TV usually comes with some pre-installed artwork that you can choose from, or you can upload your own pictures if you prefer. Some even offer different frame color options if you want to make sure the “art” blends in with the rest of your pictures.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can purchase endless additional artwork options or upload personal photos if that’s more your style. Between this feature and the fact that some TVs can automatically adjust color and lightness so the art looks natural, you might even consider putting a TV in the bedroom.

Idea #3: Buy a TV Mirror

And another thought that’s similar to Art TV’s is one that has a mirror front. When they are turned off they look just like a large mirror – but when you turn them on the mirror disappears and you see the television picture. Cool, huh?

So, Which Option Should You Choose?

The ideas shared are only a few of the myriad of options available. Of course, I can help you decide which is best for your décor and your budget. Just contact me (248-863-8566) and let’s get started!

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