Announcing The 2023 Paint Colors Of The Year!

Announcing The 2023 Paint Colors Of The Year!

January 1, 2023
Announcing The 2023 Paint Colors Of The Year!

Each year, paint companies and color experts reveal their picks for the shade that best encapsulates the current period. Their choices for color of the year often draw on trends in pop culture, fashion, technology, and design from around the world, and the results are in for 2023.

The feeling from homeowners for 2023 is they want comfort, warmth, a little nostalgia…things that help to restore their mind, body, home…and the paint companies listened!


Introducing “Redend”, the Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color of the Year. “Redend” is an expressive blush-beige that draws inspiration from healing and restorative energy.

The paint company feels that “Redend” is a nourishing and intriguing hue…an inviting neutral inspired by the deep care we feel for our communities, our connections and our crafts. It is subtle, warm and restorative, and is suitable in commercial or residential spaces where mind and soul can relax and be refreshed.

This new color uplifts spirits and uncovers the beauty of any environment. “Redend” is just as heartening and intriguing as it is versatile and usable. Pairing this color with the following Sherwin-Williams paints will definitely help to exude a feeling of warmth, empathy, and exploration: Foothills, Cool beige, Carnellian, Hushed Auburn, Malted Milk, Pure White, Urgane Bronze, and Toile Red.


There was a drum roll when Benjamin-Moore announced their Color for the Year 2023 – Raspberry Blush.

Many Color of the Year 2023 announcements have included a few fresh shades of red, with Dunn-Edward’s Terra Rosa and Sherwin-Williams’ Redend. But Benjamin-Moore’s color stands apart. Raspberry Blush is dramatic and punchy, with undertones that channel vibrant energy.

The paint company feels people are ready to bring color back into the home and are ready to step outside of their color comfort zones. Because Raspberry Blush is so invigorating, it’s best suited for the social spaces in your home—especially the dining room. Interior designers frequently recommend blush tones in a dining room because the rosy glow is warm and flattering.

Dutch Boy Paints

Dutch Boy Paints one-coat Color of the Year, “Rustic Greige”, is an understated yet warm color that brings coziness into any room.

The color is incredibly versatile, making it appealing to a wide range of people with different decor styles. It works well with both warm and cool tones. It is helping to really bridge the gap, as a lot of people are still in that transitional period where they have the cool grays.

Dutch Boy also developed three color palettes to compliment “Rustic Greige”:

  • Plush Palette – a more restorative combination of hues
  • Wistful Palette – comprised of vintage and nostalgic colors
  • Botanic Palette – a series of shades rooted in warmth and romance


Pantone’s Color of the Year is “Digital Lavender”. Last year Pantone selected the very vibrant “Very Peri”, and the difference between the two is that Digital Lavender is more restful, calming, and optimistic.

The color lavender is usually associated with relaxing and healing and would be a perfect color for a bedroom wall. “Digital Lavender” is also uplifting and youthful, so would look great in a child’s room. The color can also be introduced in smaller amounts, i.e., lamps, pillows, or art objects.


Valspar has done it again! Instead of naming a singular color of the year, they created a 12-shade palette that evokes comfort, acceptance, and joy to your home. Trend-worthy and forward thinking, the Valspar colors are beautiful, livable, ready-to-go shades that restore and rejuvenate any space.

For example, Everglade Deck is a midnight blue, used as an elegant calming blue which helps to restore your mind, body and home.

Or Desert Carnation which allows one to create a playful space filled with comfort that encourages a strong sense of self-expression.

The other Valspar palettes are: Green Trellis, Ivory Brown, Holmes Cream, Cozy White, Gentle Violet, Villa Grey, Flora, Southern Road, Blue Arrow, and Rising Tide.


Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year is a classic, versatile shade called “Blank Canvas”. The color effortlessly offers a clean and inviting blank slate that allows individuality and creativity to flow freely.

Behr conducted new consumer research, and discovered homeowners want their home to be a space where they can completely unwind. Homeowners believe it’s important their home feels like an escape from everyday stress.

Nostalgia, versatility, wellness, and comfort are the driving factors that influence color palettes for the coming year. “Blank Canvas” really delivers on its name. It’s the perfect backdrop for any style, and can easily be paired with any other colors, patterns, and textures. It can be used on walls to create a relaxing atmosphere, or on furniture and cabinetry as more of an accent color.

“Blank Canvas” is a color that never goes out of style — it is a classic.

Pittsburgh Paints and Stains, and Glidden Paint by PPG

PPG/Glidden describes their 2023 Color of the Year – Vining Ivy – as rooted and authentic – grounding and magical, captivating the beauty of the natural world. They say the colors pair well with mid-tone woods, stone and marble.

Vining Ivy is an enchanting deep Caribbean aqua with a turquoise undertone. It represents contemporary and traditional styles, perfectly marrying a touch of the past and a taste of the future. Sitting between a blue and green, Vining Ivy’s dark and muted tonality is symbolic of the deepest depth of a body of water. This rich, tonal aqua works for contemporary and traditional styles, marrying them as beautifully as it does with their base colors:

  • Serenity — Graceful palette of milky pastels, watery tones and warm neutrals, Serenity is about prioritizing the important things in life and taking precedent to find internal peace.
  • Origin — Grounding and magical palette captivates the beauty of the natural world. Origin creates a sense of safety and a desire to push into unfamiliar territories.
  • Duality — Recreates the world according to one’s own rules with powerful contrasts between bright, clean pastels and strong neutrals.

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